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What is a Medical Pedicure? 

Let's start with the definition of a regular Pedicure: The cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. Often done for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. 

A Medical Pedicure, in contrast, is done to improve or maintain the health of the feet and nails. We adhere to the highest levels of sanitation and with Austin Podiatry House Calls, this is performed by a licensed foot doctor, not an assistant. The nails are clipped and filed, typically not polished. Calluses are pared and often dry rough skin can filed to be smooth, as per patient preferences.


While we feel that the medical aspect of foot care is essential, we agree that having the feet feel great is also important, so a 5 minute foot massage with lotion is included at the end of our initial and routine treatments. This feels great for the patient and it also helps our doctor be thorough. If there are any rough nail areas or skin problems remaining after nail and callus care, it will be felt when applying the lotion, and addressed.

Doctor Pedicure
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