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Mobile Footcare

We provide in-home podiatry care. Unlike many podiatry offices, all treatments are performed by the doctor, not an assistant. Our instruments are always thoroughly cleaned and our doctor is taking extra precautions to keep us all healthy & safe from Covid-19.
To qualify for mobile care through your insurance: there must be a medical reason why traveling is difficult . Examples include: difficulty walking, very poor vision, confusion / memory issues, wheelchair use, medical inability to drive a car. Also, for trimming of toenails there must be a 2 month gap from the last nail care visit. (See the Home page of this website where we show the insurances that we take.)

For those patients that don't medically qualify for house calls through their insurance, we have the following categories of visits and can send a price sheet upon request:

Initial Visits
First visit includes: Comprehensive exam, recommendations, trimming & filing of toenails, removal of calluses, and application of lotion. (This initial visit is for patients that are new to our services.)
Routine (Non-Initial) Visits
Includes: Routine foot care including examination, recommendations, trimming & filing of toenails, removing calluses, and application of lotion to the feet.
More Complicated Non-Initial Visits
Includes minor procedures for infected ingrown nails, trauma, abscesses, wound care.
Ingrown Nail Removal Treatment 
Includes local anesthetic injection, full or partial nail removal, and up to 2 follow-up visits (if needed post-op). This procedure can be done as a temporary solution or a permanent one if recurrent and patient foot circulation is adequate. Approval for nail removal is based upon the discretion of physician as to whether the patient is an appropriate candidate for the having the procedure performed in a home setting.

Concierge care plan (care every few weeks): The clients that choose this usually have recurrent painful calluses or nails that grow more rapidly than insurances will cover.
Foot Massage Doctor
Senior care at home.
Foot care for the whole family.
Foot care at home.
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