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     Our Doctors: 
Foot Doctor Joshel Brown
Joshel Brown, DPM
Dr. Brown has been a licensed podiatrist for 22 years.  She graduated from the Barry University School of Graduate Medical Sciences in Miami Shores, Florida in 1999 and completed her residency at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital in Montrose, NY.  Rotations included the West Point military academy, the Bronx VA and the NY podiatry school in Harlem.
Before moving to Texas, Dr. Brown worked for the Foot Specialist Associates company in Albany, NY for 3 years, where she worked in 2 offices, a public health clinic, 6 nursing homes, as well as house calls.  During this time, her love of visiting patients via house call visits grew.
She arrived in Austin, TX in 2004 and has been providing mobile foot care all over the greater Austin area ever since. Her focus is on attention to detail - great care is taken to make sure each patient's feet feel better and that the work is done well. 

Personal interests: There's so many that it's hard to narrow it down. Dr. Brown was raised vegetarian, enjoys cooking, real estate remodeling, finance, nutrition, meditation, music, nature, and of course, friends and family. 


Kim Dao, DPM

Dr. Dao has been practicing podiatry since 2013. She completed her undergraduate studies at UT Dallas, and went on to obtain her podiatric medical degree from CSPM at Samuel Merritt University. She then completed her residency training at the VA Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ.


Prior to joining Austin Podiatry House Calls, Dr. Dao spent 7.5 years at Southwest Austin Foot & Ankle Clinic, where she saw countless patients in the clinical and acute care setting. She has an extensive background in wound care and surgical limb salvage techniques. Her focus now is on preventative care, ensuring the ongoing health of our patients’ feet. 


Dr. Dao is a native Texan originally from Plano. She enjoys photography, live music, trivia, and traveling. 

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